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Track where your electronic waste goes. Get alerts when your eWaste goes somewhere you are not expecting, or does not meet the terms of your contract (SLA).

Where are WEEE?
hardware and software

Teach your employees about basic electronics repair in a fun way! WEEEDU teaches basic concepts about repair, recycling and reuse in an unobtrusive way.


MobiCycle's certified software developers work with startups to Fortune 100 companies helping them achieve massive productivity gains through innovation.

Software Development

Find the right code for your electronic and electrical waste to complete your waste consignment note or manifest.

eWaste Code Finder

Use this tool to set and maintain a level of standards around your company's abandoned electronic waste.

eWaste Standards Tool

Keep electronic waste separate from your other waste streams. Specialty bins for ewaste help you increase recycling and reuse rates while complying with regulations.


Why should we care about electronic waste management?

You could be bypassing regulations on eWaste and not even know it. MobiCycle's platform allows you to share, compare, analyze and discuss data about your organization's electronics and find the right waste suppliers.

Be a role model

Every message you send is critical.

Ensure that your words and actions are consistent
Believe what you say and say what you believe
Develop a supply chain built on high integrity
Change makers

Charities have a vital role to play in ensuring that new technologies are developed and implemented ethically.

Consumers demand action

81% feel strongly that companies have a role to play in improving the environment.

Go further

Being a sustainable business means more than just doing the “right thing”

Join the movement

Almost 800 companies are taking science based climate action.

A new dawn

There has never been a better time for the non profit sector to explore the sustainability and bottom-line value of eWaste management.

There is mounting pressure from consumers for non profits to enhance sustainability efforts.

Suitable for any budget

The value of charities is not always understood by the public. By embracing new technologies, charities have a vital role to play in ensuring that new technologies are developed and implemented ethically.

Supercharge your marketing

Sustainability efforts can translate into improved sales and brand loyalty as consumers look for providers that align with their own values.

Almost three quarters of global consumers would change their consumption habits


It’s okay to throw eWaste in the bin.
Ewaste is too difficult a problem.
Landfills are right for eWaste.
Most eWaste is recycled.

We are all in this together

Whether your core mission is to fight the climate crisis, end poverty, or promote prosperity and well-being for all, we want to work with you.